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    19 Years

    19 Years (60 sec. on looped DVD. Master format: Updatable Flash animation/application. Programming by Marc Bjersbo Asp) is an animation that displays over 1800 events in almost 600 places during the period 1989 to 2007. It uses a very compressed "time scale" where one year in real life is one second in the animation (approximately 1:30.000.000). Each event is represented by an orange circle that lit up on a political map on the approximate location where it took place while generating a sound that creates a static noise that changes in intensity depending on the number of dots displayed at the same time. The work could be seen as an attempt to describe a specific type of human activity as nature –perhaps as a contagion or a proliferation that spreads over parts of the world during various periods in history. The events presented in the animation are popular mass protests or similar collective manifestations in which several thousands of people have gathered in one physical space during one day to express their discontent. The original version of the work is a software application which creates the animation programmatically from a dataset. I've collected the data from the internet, predominantly from media websites, using my own definitions and specific search criteria. The underlying data, the methodology and the sources are available at the website of the project. The work was originally produced for the jury-selected exhibition Changing Matters – the Resilience Art Exhibition which was shown at the Museum of Nature History in Stockholm in 2008 in addition to the international conference Resilience, Adaption and Transformation in Turbulent Times at Stockholm University, a summit which discussed ecology, economy and society using a resilience perspective, where man and nature was studied as an integrated whole. The work has subsequently been shown at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Ballroom Marfa in Marfa, Texas.

    Jon Brunberg 1

    1. Jon Brunberg's art often revolves around societal, political and philosophical notions such as power, utopia, tolerance and the political which he examines in long-term, thematic frameworks as for example The Polynational War Memorial, Power as Metaphysics and Measurable Unit, Tolerate and The Utopian World Championship. Most of these projects involves practitioners from other disciplines than the arts, such as architects, psychologists or utopians. He often use a variety of media in public presentations and exhibitions ranging from digital imagery, video installations, writing, publications and software applications to social and performative techniques. Brunberg has also produced a series of “standalone” installations, animations, actions, web projects and video works over the years. From 1999 to 2005 he was a member of the artist group and experimental art space SOC.Stockholm. Jon Brunberg has an MFA-degree from Konstfack University College for Art, Craft and Design in Stockholm.