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    nanoq: flat out and bluesome.

    nanoq: flat out and bluesome. As part of the project, in 2004 the artists borrowed 10 polar bear specimens and exhibited them in the contemporary art space, Spike Island in Bristol, UK. This film, the journey documents the removal of four of these bears from their cultural homes and the subsequent process of installing all the specimens within the gallery. (Video, 2006)

    Snæbjörnsdóttir/Wilson 1

    1. Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson are a collaborative art partnership. Their art practice is research-based and socially-engaged, exploring issues of history, culture and environment in relation to both humans and non-human animals. Through their practice they set out to challenge and deconstruct various notions and degrees of ‘wilderness’. Underpinning much of what they do are issues of psychological and physical displacement or realignment in relation to land and environment and the effect of these upon cultural perspectives. Their artworks have been exhibited widely throughout the UK and internationally. They are frequent speakers at international conferences on issues related to their practice and their works have been written on and cited as contributive to knowledge in the expanded field of research-based art practice. They conduct their practice from bases in Iceland, the north of England and Sweden.