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    Utopia, whatever!

    The song will be very large. Even larger! The song will be moved around, transported, carried, dragged, packed and unpacked. In other words it, too, like Utopia is in constant transfer. Utopia, whatever! is a work-in-progress where progress must now be used in the most inventive, interconnected, even most dangerous way. Utopia should be navigated through ignorance as much as awareness, through stupidity as much as sovereignty, through arrival as much as departure. Just as there is always an enigma to any departure, an anxiety about arrival and a thrill at traveling, utopia is always now deferring its own arrival whilst living out its own present. Let us not mistake our impatience, if utopia is postponed, incomplete, ‘whatever!’, then that process itself must be utopian. And in such reclamation of the streets, the landing strip, in the current poetics of movement, unrest, discontinuity or displacement, utopia, whatever must also undress itself. Like going in and out of meaning, utopia whatever! is that zone where we leave one world for another, occupying it, reclaiming it for minutes, for hours, for days, for lifetimes. Utopia, whatever! is this work in progress, open to erasure, decay, re-definition and refinement . And like the large song carried throughout the city, this transfer is open, negotiable and self-monitored by each traveller, each visitor, each occupant of the song. And as chance becomes part of the process, the song is an expanded, postponed, delayed and deferred site in which utopia explores its own continuity, its own cliché. The song is surely a user’s manual for a potential life. Remember: the future only lasts a long time if you think you will not be part of it. Utopia, whatever! only happens somewhere else if you allow it. F.H / Raketa

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    1. Raketa is running interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and experiments within art, design, architecture and digital media. Raketa has been operating since year 2000 as an ongoing experiment; a laboratory-in-progress!