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    A failed performance

    By Daniil Charms. Adapted, directed and produced by Dmitri Plax for Radio Drama dept. of Swedish Radio. With: Janna Granström, Erik Bolin and Martin Rosengardten. Sound: Frida Englund © Dmitri Plax, Swedish Radio. To understand Charms’ creations, it is important to be aware of the time aspect. A story about a person who bought a Polish loaf takes on a different dimension when you consider the constant informing that prevailed in the Soviet Union in the thirties when the text was written. A seemingly meaningless dialogue about “cutting-off women’s rumps” suddenly becomes comprehensible when one contemplates the helplessness of Soviet citizens in the face of sadistically inventive powers-that-be...

    Dmitri Plax 1

    1. Dmitri Plax is an artist and writer, working on the border between the verbal and the visual with a special interest in perception. He is employed as dramaturge, director and producer at Swedish Radios Drama department. “A failed performance” is a part of bigger 30-minutes show with the same name, which was broadcasted on the First channel of Swedish Radio in 2012 and nominated for Prix Italia and Prix Nova.