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    All the birds from the Swedish Pattern Book XIII

    Drawing (2013), Cross-stitch patterns from an edition called the Swedish Pattern Book XIII (1930). Installation with drawings and old needlework patterns from Sweden and Russia. The things we do everyday create patterns in our lives. We seem to have a need to organize and structure our reality, as an attempt to make sense of it. Patterns give us meaning. To understand is to see patterns!

    Cecilia Enberg 1

    1. Cecilia Enberg is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She holds a B.Sc in Multimedia and is a member of KKV Nacka; an artist run workshop in Stockholm. Cecilia is interested in the junction between new technology and traditional craftsmanship, and she works in various media, such as printmaking, needlework, and photography. Another format close to Cecilia’s heart is the Artists’ books – both as a container for words and/or images, and as a physical object.