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    From: Anders Widoff anders.widoff@telia.com Subject: Re: Preparing for The Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art : September 19 - October 20 Date: torsdag 13 jun 2013 16.19.03 GMT+02:00 To: "raketa@raketa.nu"

    hi, I've indicated that I want to remove objects from the display cases at the museum. How many objects (animals) and how many stands, and which was, and is still unclear to me. Probably I limit myself to one field, e.g. birds. The stands or display cases, the animals are removed from the replacement with a thin layer of sifted dust. The bases or bottoms from the removed animals may leave a dust-free fields, an absent clean surface. (This can e.g. done by I cut the cardboard the same size as the sockets before I put on the dust. These are then removed. And voila!). The engagement can naturally associate to extinction animal species, but also to an escalating disinterest in solidarity with our common nature. On another level, it talks about how easy something or someone is lost or deleted. From yet another direction, I hope that it may have a sculptural clarity, a forgetfulness and a melancholy in relation to the abundance of information and enlightenment that every museum today exacts itself. Practically speaking, I just need to dust and a fine sieve. I should be able to take with me. Maybe I can ask all participants to not throw their dust bags. I need them. I need of course also permission from the museum authorities to remove and store the animals and the objects from the stands I choose to remove. And their help to eventually vacuuming up the dust! That is all. For now. Anders

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