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    The Vitrine with Pheasants.

    A composition for four voices. 
Each played by one of the four glass walls of the vitrino with Pheasants. The music consists of tonal transformations of field recordings, sounds from pheasants. I intend to put four small vibration speakers inside the vitrine. The speakers are connected directly to the glass with suction cups, one on each wall. The result will be that the music will be transmitted out in the room by the walls. The vitrine itself will be the sounding instrument. Talking about nature, translating it into form and language. A story always resembles its storyteller. It's looking back. Is it possible to watch a bird without turning it into a human?

    Susanne Skog 1

    With support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee

    1. Susanne Skog, composer and sound artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She creates music and sound art for radio, concerts and other listening situations. Her compositions are made up exclusively of her own documentary recordings, but much has happened to the sound material before it meets the ear. Since the mid-1990ies her work has frequently been heard in Swedish public service radio, as well as in concerts and other art venues around the world. She is also a cultural journalist for radio and magazines as well as a member of the editorial board of Contemporary Music (Contemporary Music) and Divan (magazine for culture and psychoanalysis). She is chairman of the Society of Experimental Music and Intermedia Art – Fylkingen, and for the international music festival Sound of Stockholm.