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    Kinnekulle and Billingen – 2 plateau-mountains in Skaraborg, Västergötland, Sweden. A stratigraphic study by Skaraborgs museum museum: Kinnekulle

    The two plateau-mountains Kinnekulle and Billingen were created both by sedimentary strata and volcanic flows. Parts of their characteristic stratigraphic rock series – bedrock, sandstone, alum shale, limestone, slate, and diabase – are laid bare in open cast mines in the mountains. Kinnekulle and Billingen are here studied through an inventory of strategies of visualization used by different individuals and institutions that have approached these mountains. Kinnekulle Map of Kinnekulle, established in 1877–82. Facsimile print by Skaraborgs länsmuseum, 59 x 44 cm, scale 1:20.000; Filmpostcards from a limestone quarry at Kinnekulle, 12 min.; Limestone sample from Kinnekulle; Diagram depicting the geological strata of Kinnekulle, 13 x 18 cm; Model of Kinnekulle (made by Johannes Heldén), 21 x 30 cm; Tourist information leaflet on Kinnekulle, 10 x 21 cm.

    Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas (J) Magnusson 1

    1. Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas (J) Magnusson are writers, artists and editors of the Swedish magazine OEI and the publisher OEI editör. The magazine is now releasing its 62:th issue and OEI editör has published about 70 books of experimental writing, poetics and artist’s books. Skaraborgs museum museum is an artistic and literary project run by Cecilia Grönberg and Jonas (J) Magnusson and devoted to experimental museology, alternative historiography and site-specific investigations.