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    Anatomical Theater

    In a series of performances of The Anatomical Theater I combine different species (organisms and their parts) as the details of arrangements in the new substance. This is the research of border between tradition and "habit" and a mutation characteristic of contemporary reality, the birth of a new. With the help of surgical instruments, I put into the fish (symbol of traditional) foreign bodies which are alien to them (pork hearts, stomachs and brains), by that I deprive them their familiar and natural essence - guts. The action of each performance varies, it evolves every time. During a performance a camera is disposed in front of a table on which there is a "transaction" and it takes a close-up as study guide of surgery. This video is broadcast on the big screen, which is located behind the table or in another room. The viewer is free to choose what to watch: general perspective or dive into the very essence of the process of change and observe movement within the large virtual picture displayed on the screen. Implicit mysterious reality or virtuality showing clearly all the details. Ann Korzhova 1
    1. Ann Korzhova, born 1985, lives and work in Samara, Russia