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    A Grey Matter

    72 sheets of grey paper, text, lecture notes from Professor Marty Sereno’s lecture series Neuroimaging (University of California 2006), explaining how MRI images are obtained. The title is "A Grey Matter". This is a joke with words that might not translate. "Grey matter" is an often used name for brain substance, whilst "a grey matter" could also mean "a grey topic" or "a gray issue", implying something boring, or something "in the gey area" meaning "shady" or "undefined".

    Cecilia Enberg 1

    1. Conny Blom is a Swedish artist, currently residing in Landskrona Sweden. Since 2011 Blom has been developing an artistic research project based on MRI technology at Lund University, and it is a piece based on this research that he is presenting at the exhibition. Apart from an internationally active artistic career with more than 100 exhibitions worldwide, Blom is also running CAC Bukovje/Landskrona together with his wife, Slovene artist Nina Slejko Blom.