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    Made in Denmark.

    Sound excerpt and photo collage from the project (Original language: Danish; subtitles: Russian). In their artistic practice Nils Agdler and Timo Menke both share a common interest in contemporary social phenomena, storytelling and history. Based on a previous collaboration focusing on electricity and electrical hypersensitivity (Fugitives from the Fields), they have developed an artistic project dealing with genetic donations. “Made in Denmark” as shown at the Darwin Museum is an excerpt from the film, investigating the international commercial distribution of premium Danish genetic material from the anonymous donors’ perspective. Special Thanks to Martin Ekman Timo Menke 1  & Nils Agdler 2
    1. Timo Menke was born in Leverkusen, Germany in 1967. He lives and works as an artist/filmmaker in Sweden since 1988. He is teaching film and video as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Art at Konstfack, Arts Crafts & Design University College Stockholm since 2004. He is also engaged as a Media producer at Filmform Foundation, Stockholm. His work is represented at Moderna Museum, Stockholm, and distributed by Filmform. Major film screening tours and festivals include "BLICK: New Nordic Film & Video 2001 & 2004", Stuttgarter Filmwinter and also featuring the short film project "The Magnificent Six" by Filmform 2003.
    2. Nils Agdler was born in Östersund, Sweden in 1969: He lives and works in Stockholm since 1993, currently working as an artist and as a freelance photographer. Since 2006 partly working as a teacher/photographer at Konstfack, Arts Crafts & Design University College Stockholm.